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The Commissioners

Bishop Jean Louis NAHIMANA: President of the TRC
Bishop Jean Louis NAHIMANA was born in 1964. he holds a dogmatic and fundamental theology Research Master obtained at the Catholic Institute of Paris (France). A Catholic Priest, Bishop Jean Louis NAHIMA, has held several positions either within the Catholic Church or face social commitments. Within the Catholic Church, he was:
Vicar at the Regina Mundi Cathedral (1992-1996), at the same time he also combined the functions of an Editor in Chief of the diocesan bulletin “The waves of the Lake” and diocesan coordinator of the human and Christian education.
He was the Muramvya parish priest (1996-1998).
Parish priest of Saint Sauveur Nyakabiga (1998-1999).
Episcopal vicar and parish priest of Bujumbura Regina Mundi Cathedral (1999-2005)
Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Bujumbura (2005-2009)
Until 2014, he was the Executive Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace.
Regarding social commitments, Bishop Jean Louis NAHIMANA was:
The Vice president of the national commission for disarmament and against the proliferation of light weapons (2007 to 2008).
President of the Provincial Electoral Commission in Bujumbura (2004-2005)
Member of the National Commission responsible for preparing the national debate on the Burundian conflict.

Me Clotilde NIRAGIRA, TRC General Secretary
Me Clotilde NIRAGIRA, TRC General Secretary

Lawyer Clotilde NIRAGIRA, General Secretary of the TRC

She was born in 1968. She has a Law Degree from the University of Burundi. She was several times Minister:
Minister of Justice and Attorney General (2005-2007)
Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Security (2007-2009)
Minister of National Solidarity, Human Rights and Gender Human Person (Until she was appointed as General Secretary of the TRC)
She has also held other positions including:
Member of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) (2004-2005):
From 2009 to 2011, she worked at the Civil Cabinet of the President of the Republic first as Head of the Civil Cabinet and then as Deputy Chief of Staff. From 2001 to 2004, she was a lawyer but by 2001 where she had made career in Burundian judiciary.

Bishop Antoine Pierre MADARAGA, TRC Member

Bishop Pierre Antoine MADARAGA, Member of the TRC

Bishop Pierre Antoine MADARAGA was born in 1953. He holds a Master in Humanities obtained at Strasbourg II University. Bishop MADARAGA held several positions within his diocese. The principal occupations are as follows:
Parish priest of Ngozi (1980-1983)
Rector at Buta Seminars (1983 to 1986) and Mureke (2004 to 2014)
Vicar General of the Diocese of Ngozi (2008 to 2014)
Besides these functions within the Catholic Church, he held other positions including:
From 1992 to 1993, he was a member of the National Commission to study the question of national unity.
Chairman of the group of independent observers during 1993 elections
Chairman of the Board of the University of Ngozi
In 2008, he was representative of the Catholic Church to meet political players in Caux, Switzerland.

Bishop Onesphore NZIGO, TRC Member

Bishop Onesphore NZIGO, Member of the TRC

Bishop Onesiphore NZIGO was born in 1951. Beside his Bachelor Degree in Theology, Bishop NZIGO has a Christian Education Master’s Degree. The bishop of the Free Methodist Church, has held several positions within the Church. Regarding other positions, he held, since 2007, he was the Chairman of the Board of Hope Africa University.
He teaches at the Light University and Hope Africa University where he was Dean of the Faculty of Humanities from 1997 to 2002.



Sheikh Ali SHABANI Djumaine, Member of the TRC

Sheikh Ali SHABANI Djumaine was born in 1960, he has spent most of his studies abroad. He has a Degree in Arabic Literature got from the Arabic Language Faculty at the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia. He teaches at the University of Burundi the Arabic language. The professional career of this Imam is essentially a Teacher.


Honorable Libérate NICAYENZI, Member of the TRC

Hon. NICAYENZI was born in 1957, she had more than 10 years (1998 to 2010) as a member of the National Assembly. Since 2010, she joined the Senate of Burundi. Before she was Parliamentary, she had been essential to her career at the Ministry of Education as a teacher (1976-1998).





Hon. Clotilde BIZIMANA, TRC Member

Honorable Clotilde BIZIMANA, Member of the TRC

Honorable Clotilde BIZIMANA was born in 1964 and holds a Degree in Law. Until her appointment as a member of the TRC, she worked in the Office of the Ombusman as a senior Advisor. She was also a member of the Technical Committee responsible for the preparation and implementation of transitional justice mechanisms (2011).
She was also a Senator in the Senate of Burundi since 2002 where she was repeatedly member and Chair of Parliamentary Committees. Prior to the Senate, she worked in the Judiciary and the Ministry of Education.


Hon. Pascasie NKINAHAMIRA,TRC Member

Honorable Pascasie NKINAHAMIRA, Member of the TRC

Honorable NKINAHAMIRA was born in 1959. Before her appointment to the TRC, she worked at the 1st Deputy President of the Republic as a Senior Advisor for Law and administrative issues. She was for several times since 2001 a member of the National Assembly where she led the Parliamentary Committees.
She had made a career as a judge since 1987.
She was also Vice Chair of the Technical Committee responsible for the preparation and implementation of transitional justice mechanisms (2011).

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